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Composed for my duo partner and one of my dearest friends Sharon Park, this is a total showpiece for both the violin and cello. I have always had a wide taste in musical styles and this piece puts that on full display. The opening is free and inspired largely by Gregorian chant. It then moves into a suspenseful minimalist section where the two players outline scales and arpeggios with staggered rhythms. The final section is marked "Heavy Metal," paying tribute to my teenage musical tastes, which were mostly occupied by artists such as Metallica, Korn, and Black Sabbath.


I titled the piece "Spark Duo" due to its electric character. It is also inspired by Sharon's nickname "Sparky," even though I personally prefer "Sharonatron."


Available as a PDF download.

"Spark Duo" for Violin & Cello (2019)

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